E-Waste Recycling Event

E-Waste Recycling Event
Posted on 04/29/2015

Do you have old consumer electronics laying around and taking up space? An opportunity to clear out some of that equipment will be held in the Grant Park High School parking lot on Saturday May 23rd from 8 am to 11 am. The event is being hosted by the Grant Park Boys Golf Team. There is free disposal for all acceptable electronics.

Any proceeds that are earned from this event will go to the Boys Golf Team.

Items accepted are: AC adapters, cords, cables, wire, CD Rom Drives, cell phones, circuit boards, circuit pack boards, computer software, computer speakers, computers, copy machines, CPU’s, fax machines, floppy drives, hard drive boards, hard drives, headsets, hubs, switches, routers, internal power supplies, keyboards, computer mice, laptops, LCD monitors, main frames, mainframe CPU’s, memory, modems, optical drives, phones, power supplies, printers, plotters, projectors, scanners, server racks, servers, switches, telecommunication equipment and UPS backup batteries

Items recycled for a cost: CRT monitors @ $10 each

Items not accepted are: Tube TV’s, refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, freezers, dishwashers or any other large household appliance

If you see something not on the list and unsure if it can be recycled at the event, please contact Andy Dillman at andy.dillman@grantparkdragons.org

Reminder: Illinois State law prohibits the disposal of most electronics into landfills.